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Listening tests performed by our group listening using only the human instrument, the ear. In our tests there are the impressions resulting from extended periods of listening in different sessions, so they are an expression of our own judgment without claims of "indisputable truth”


200 Euro (Average price for 60 cm. cable)**


Now considered "an old acquaintance" because it has been making quality cables since 1980, the Dutch Van den Hul has in its catalogue dozens of audio cables. This First Ultimate is a product that can be considered of a medium level within its production.

The Test

We always have a little insane reverence / respect for companies such as Van Den Hul that at the dawn of the High End has been able to commit to produce objects of desire which for many people were just useless accessories.
Beyond this consideration of the group we move on to tell you what we thought about this latest revision (we are maybe at the tenth) of the famous First Ultimate.

- A) For the respect of the company, we linked the ultimate to the pre Naim Nac 502, final Naim Nap 250 and the Revel Performa speakers, matching well proved and known in our listening sessions.
We began with Patricia Barber, a respectful jazz singer. After a few minutes of listening it is clear that we come across a really well made product and that is close to that "no sound" that every respectful cable must have. It is neutral, rhythmic, fluid in the right place, with deep and articulated bass, soft and never tiring high with a great musical cohesion that comes out from the Revels with integrity and rigor.

- B) We went go listening to a some more challenging songs, as the most sophisticated and modern orchestration by Peter Cincotti and a Sade live.
The soundstage is faithfully reproduced and so is the live. There is a good horizontal amplitude, perhaps missing something towards the high, but very little.
The voices, piano, and percussion instruments are in general very good, as well as the winds, we see a slight smear that tends to the confusion, on the deep of both piano and low instruments, but we are talking about nuances. The micro and macro contrast are all there all and they are never introspective to the point of being "glacially radiographed" but they always hold out a fluidly reproduced and never tiring listen. To the delight of our friend Lucio, that requires a loud voice, we finish listening to the song by Marc Jordan "This Is How Men Cry" from the homonymous album. The rarefied atmosphere of sounds that recall the night and deserted streets of the New Yorkers' semi nights filled our listening room with a magical realism. After the poem, we only need to point out that the never tiring fluidity of the music played, shows perhaps a lack of that bit of cruelty in the high range, that we would have preferred, but you can not have everything, you know.


If you are willing to spend this money for a cable, it should mean that you have an audio system of the same level In this case, the First Ultimate with its rhythmic qualities of great musical cohesion and a sense of fluidity of the scene perceived, could be for you. For us our 5 Star *****

Lucio Maria Brogiotti

More information: Van Den Hul